Big News – Hoping for Gallery Opening

April 10 – We are booked in for a two-week show at the Serpa Galleries in Newmarket’s Old Town Hall. Our show will start September 18 and run to October 2, assuming the pandemic numbers are down enough to allow the Town to open the facility.

This will have an effect on our fees, of course, as our expenses will be higher than they were last year. You may recall that last year, for the virtual show, we dropped out fees by over 40%; we actually ran a bit into the red.

We put the question to our followers on Instagram – charge full fee and offer refunds if the show can’t go “live”, or charge the online-only fee and ask for more if it can go “live”. There haven’t been many answers yet, but most (all but one, atm) suggest the former, so we will update the entry page soon.

In either case, we will continue to waive the fee for artists who have been hit hard financially by the pandemic.

So, continue to hope, and to interpret these times through your art (or the arts that keep you going day-to-day). Share and enjoy! Think Globally, Art Locally!

“See you in September”

Winter Mini – My Covid Winter Results

Sunday, March 21: Dave and Peggy thank the artists, who sent us a total of 75 pieces of work. Jurist Brendon McNaughton set up a Google Meet with Peggy & Dave this afternoon, and we made some hard decisions…

Here are the artists and the works that the jury selected. The gallery will be ready in a day or so.

ArtistTitle of Work
Aedaa Al-SammarraieWater Lillies
Amber LiniStreams of paradise
Cheryl UhrigHearty Pine
Cheryl UhrigHarvest Moon
Christine Chin-FookHero Warrior
Christine StewartWinter Wander
Christine StewartIn the Flow
David KemptonND Covid Safe Space
Denise LiniDown the Back Roads
Denise LiniNot for the Faint of Heart
Donna GreensteinCalm Before The Storm – Laughing Gull
Elayne WindsorSplit Celeste
Gordon ReidtSmooth Landing
Helen AgalawatteWetlands Walk in Winter
Ilja Hup-WarmelsNew Horizons
Josee SavariaDans l’attente de jours meilleurs
Josee SavariaPolka Dot
Karen L BowenBe Still My Heart
Karen L BowenNo Neighbours
Kate GreenwayMy Covid Visitors
Kate GreenwayMemories of Beaches
Kirsty NarayMidsummer Night’s Dream
Lana SoosarTiger Swallowtail
Laura HigginsBeauty in the Shadows and the Light
Lis SimpsonExuberance
Liz LaskySnowed in.
Liz LaskyWinter field
Lorraine MoonThe Hide-a-Way
Lorraine MoonWinter’s First Kiss
Mark Puigmartiemertxe-nu
Marlene BulasThe Family Creek
MaryLou HurleyLocked Down Mermaid
MaryLou HurleyMarbella
Nicholas KeehnThe Melting Top
Paul WilliamsGREEN LADY
Peter LauricellaTwo Sided Charcuterie Board
Rani SatputePeace reflects…
Rani SatputeWalking through the memory lane
Rosie ShermanBetween the Clouds
Rosie ShermanHome Decor
Sera MohammedButterflies
Sheila RomardTethered
shoshana lockdark winter
Stella CapognaNew Wave
Stuart BlowerComplicated
Stuart BlowerCOVID Face
Teresa DunlopEmbracing Solitude
Xiao Wen XuOcean Blues
Zahra Nasrinthe Rose

Congratulations to all those who will be in the show. Whether you are in or not, we hope that you will help us by spreading the word about the show, and encouraging sales. Remember – NJAS takes no commission, so all sales go to the artist.

2021 call To Artists

The 2021 Call To Artists is now open.

Here are the critical dates (Bracketed dates are left in so everyone knows what a normal year looks like):

  1. Deadline: Saturday, September 14 2020, 5 p.m. Eastern
  2. Notification: by September 23
  3. Delivery of Accepted Works: October 5 (No delivery during pandemic)
  4. Exhibition Dates: October 6 and beyond (since it’s online on our website, and in 3D on ArtGateVR)
  5. Opening Gala: Oct 6, starting at 14 pm, online – you will be sent an invitation link (Bring your own wine & snacks :^)
  6. International Virtual 3D Reception on ArtGateVR: October Date TBA
  7. Pick up work: October 23 (That pandemic thing again)

SO – Share and Enjoy!
Think Globally, Art Locally!

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Everything is in place. Dates are set. Fees* are set. Submission page & form are set.
So we’re All Set! We’re just waiting for… I dunno, what?
*Fees: We wound up a little bit in the red last year due to cutting our fee to $20. This year will be $25. But we will still waive the fee for artists who have been hit hard financially by the pandemic (honour system – we won’t ask).
And as always, no commission!
Did I say Soon?
Share and enjoy
Think Globally, Art Locally

2020 Awards

We adjusted the awards we gave to respond to work sent in, as well as to the points system we used with the jury panel. For example, we had too few submissions in some categories, and many in Painting & Drawing, so we decided to give two awards in the latter.

Here are the awards. Who got them? Tune in to our online Opening Gala, starting at 7pm on the 15th October to find out.

The DirectorsJurists’ Choice
Jackie PlayterPainting/Drawing (both)
Linda KemptonSculpture, ceramics, pottery
Fuse ChamberPhotography
Bike Sports NewmarketHonourable Mention x 2
Chris BallardHonourable Mention
Newmarket Public LibraryHonourable Mention

2020 NJAS Artists

Congratulations to all the artists who will be exhibited in the 2020 online version of the Newmarket Juried Art Show. Here are their names, in no particular order:

Karin Foulds, Holly Archer, Jake Deeth, Walter Bauer, David Schembri, Sibernie James-Bosch, Bill Lunshof, Marc Morais, Julie Robb, Zahra Nasrin, Caitlin Sabean-Untermann, Kathy Pistor, Carol Walthers, Natalia Shields, Laura Schembri, Sheila Romard, Maria Petrov, Donna Fegan, Marlene Bulas, Stella Capogna, Donna Greenstein, Elayne Windsor, Nancy Jones, Kaitlyn Sproule, Marion Plaunt, Carol Teal, Anita Niemeyer, Geoff Clarke

The galleries and individual artist pages are all made, and the show will be available here and on ArtGateVR starting October 7.

The Jury Panel is still deliberating over the awards, which will be announced during our October 15 Opening Gala, starting at 7pm Eastern, on YouTube.