Everything is in place. Dates are set. Fees* are set. Submission page & form are set.
So we’re All Set! We’re just waiting for… I dunno, what?
*Fees: We wound up a little bit in the red last year due to cutting our fee to $20. This year will be $25. But we will still waive the fee for artists who have been hit hard financially by the pandemic (honour system – we won’t ask).
And as always, no commission!
Did I say Soon?
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Think Globally, Art Locally

A message from a 2020 sponsor

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2020 Awards

We adjusted the awards we gave to respond to work sent in, as well as to the points system we used with the jury panel. For example, we had too few submissions in some categories, and many in Painting & Drawing, so we decided to give two awards in the latter.

Here are the awards. Who got them? Tune in to our online Opening Gala, starting at 7pm on the 15th October to find out.

The DirectorsJurists’ Choice
Jackie PlayterPainting/Drawing (both)
Linda KemptonSculpture, ceramics, pottery
Fuse ChamberPhotography
Bike Sports NewmarketHonourable Mention x 2
Chris BallardHonourable Mention
Newmarket Public LibraryHonourable Mention

2020 NJAS Artists

Congratulations to all the artists who will be exhibited in the 2020 online version of the Newmarket Juried Art Show. Here are their names, in no particular order:

Karin Foulds, Holly Archer, Jake Deeth, Walter Bauer, David Schembri, Sibernie James-Bosch, Bill Lunshof, Marc Morais, Julie Robb, Zahra Nasrin, Caitlin Sabean-Untermann, Kathy Pistor, Carol Walthers, Natalia Shields, Laura Schembri, Sheila Romard, Maria Petrov, Donna Fegan, Marlene Bulas, Stella Capogna, Donna Greenstein, Elayne Windsor, Nancy Jones, Kaitlyn Sproule, Marion Plaunt, Carol Teal, Anita Niemeyer, Geoff Clarke

The galleries and individual artist pages are all made, and the show will be available here and on ArtGateVR starting October 7.

The Jury Panel is still deliberating over the awards, which will be announced during our October 15 Opening Gala, starting at 7pm Eastern, on YouTube.

The Art Is In!

The deadline just passed, and we have submissions from 40 Ontario artists – not bad for the pandemic year! We’re happy!

The artists sent in 111 pieces of work – painting, sculpture (2 in glass!), photography and pottery/ceramics.

Geographically, the artists are from 27 different communities.

Now – on to the jurying – September 16!

COVID-19 & practical creativity

Has your ability to get what you need for your creativity been affected by Covid-19?

Many of us have, at some point in the past few months, been unable or unwilling to head out to get the supplies we need. Even as a photographer, I have had to wait to get ink for my printer, as my store was closed, and my printer’s manufacturer was unable to get supplies.
Have the costs of your supplies gone up, possibly due to Covid-induced shortages? A jeweler here in Newmarket got a shock when she saw the higher price of the silver she uses to make her pieces.

For some of us, the emotional stress has sapped the inner resources we need to be creative. creativity. For others, Covid-19 has spurred new creativity of its own.

Please use the comment space below to tell you story. I moderate all comments, so it’s a safe space.


Meet Our Jurists

I think that you will be excited to meet our 2020 jurists, Jeff Nye, Pat Dumas-Hudecki and Sarah Burtscher.

Jeff Nye is a Newmarket-based artist, writer, teacher and curator. Jeff has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with Distinction from Concordia University in Montreal (1998) and a Master of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Regina (2007). His paintings and multimedia installations have been exhibited in public galleries across the country. He has curated exhibitions for the Mackenzie Art Gallery, Dunlop Art Gallery, and Last Mountain Lake Cultural Centre. He has also instructed studio and art history classes at First Nations University of Canada, University of Regina and Georgian College. Jeff has received several distinctions and awards for his work, including grants from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Saskatchewan Arts Board, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Pat Dumas-Hudecki is an Ontario artist who has been in many solo and group exhibitions, and has won many awards. She sends this statement:

Through my different painting series I want to chronicle how the everyday objects around us transform and convey their own unique narratives. My realistic acrylic paintings pay homage to the sweet disorder and chaos that surrounds us; they are an integral part of our living spaces-indoors and out.
When I paint the visual chaos of my interior spaces I capture the domestic wilderness of activity and play that is too often tidied up and civilized before it can be appreciated for its beauty and meaning.
When I paint urban and rural utility poles I show how they have developed unique personalities as they alter through time and purpose.
I enjoy creating art that makes people take a second look at their everyday surroundings and transforms their perceptions of it.

Sarah Burtscher is the Gallery Director at Stephen Bulger Gallery, Toronto’s leading commercial photography gallery for historical and contemporary work from Canadian and international artists. Sarah has curated exhibitions including Open Call 2019 for the Exposure Festival in Calgary; MYTORONTO, an exhibition through which participants affected by homelessness connect with their community; and SNAP!, an annual photographic fundraiser in support of programs and services provided by the Aids Committee of Toronto. She has also been on several exhibition juries including THE FENCE 2018 and RMG Exposed in 2017 and 2018.
Sarah holds a BFA in Photography Studies from Ryerson University’s Image Arts program.

COVID-19 Statement from NJAS

We hope that the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic will be over before our show starts in October, not just for our show, but for all of us on this precious planet.

There is a chance that the pandemic will still be going on, though. For that reason, we have altered our refund policy: If the Old Town Hall is still closed in October due to the pandemic, artists’ jurying fees will be refunded in full.

We will also refund our sponsors and financial supporters.

We, the Co-Directors, are able to absorb any expenditures that will have been made by that point, and will start planning the 2021 Newmarket Juried Art Show then. (Actually, we have already :))

Until then, be well, stay well, pay attention to what the medical experts tell you. And let’s all spend time on our Art as we hunker down!