Sponsorship & Support

We hope that you will support us in presenting Ontario artists in Newmarket.

There are four income streams, aside from what we, the Co-Directors, self-fund:

  • Artist fees
  • Award sponsorships
  • Financial support
  • Partnership

Most of the funding for the show comes from artists’ entry fees, and most of that goes to the rental of the venue.

Here are links to the 2019 Financial Statement and 2020 Financial Statement

We seek sponsors for the awards, and Newmarket residents and businesses have been very generous. All the awards were sponsored. Awards are for $50 and $100. The Co-Directors sponsor the $250 Jurors’ Choice Award.

We also seek financial support for other expenses, especially the reception, but also this website. There is no set amount for this type of support.

Of course, it was extremely helpful that the Town of Newmarket partnered with us to make the first annual show happen. Many thanks!

Please use this form to let us know how you would like to help us.

You may choose more than one
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