2021 to be online only

We just learned that our show cannot be in the Newmarket Old Town Hall, so our show will be virtual, as was our successful #njas2020
You can send your “thanks” to the Ford government, for their hesitancy on mandates and passports, and to anti-vaxers. We do not fault #newmarket in any way; they are making decisions based on the science around the 4th wave. We are grateful that they do so.
We’re already planning for #njas2022
Partial refunds will be sent over the next couple of days to bring the entry/jurying fee down to $25

Slight delay

Jurying is done, so we have a preliminary list.

We had hoped to announce today (Aug 22), but hit a snag. Newmarket no longer has a curator for the Old Town Hall galleries, due to Covid cutbacks.

As well, we can’t get into the galleries until later in the week to confirm that selected pieces will all fit. We’re currently working from a floor plan with most dimensions measured, and printed thumbnails.

Thanks for your trust and patience.

NJAS2021 Art Is In!

Many thanks to the 70 artists who sent us work this year!

We are excited, honoured, humbled to see the number of artists who entered this year, and to see the quality of the work they sent.

It’ll be a long night getting it all ready for the jury panel. We meet via Zoom next week to decide what work is in the show, and set the awards. Stay tuned!

Textile Art?

Pretty much forever, the world was told: “Women can’t paint.” Or “Shouldn’t”. Or some other excuse to keep them on the model’s side of the room.

Of course, with lots of hard work and pushing back by female artists and feminists, barriers fell, and women are fully accepted as artists and even leaders in all media.

Or are they?

Even now, I believe, some media are seen as secondary, lesser, not quite art.

As “women’s art”.

Take textiles, for example.

It’s a rare thing for a gallery or museum to dedicate a showing to a textile artist, and I have long thought that that is due to textile making being seen as a female means of expression, decorative, suited only for utility in the home. “The artificial divide between fine art and textiles is a gendered issue” according to Amber Butchart, writing for Frieze.com (14 Nov 2018)

I’m not saying that textile work such as weaving, dying and quilting, isn’t currently predominantly done by women. I’m saying that it doesn’t matter: these forms are (or can be) art, just as much as paint on canvas is (or can be) art.

As Co-Directors of the Newmarket Juried Art Show, we celebrate the reclamation of the textile arts by women who put their work out in the world as art. From our beginnings in 2019, we have backed that celebration by offering a Medium Award for Textile Arts.

We have not yet had any Textile entries, so I guess it’s time to really put the word out there…

June 2022 Update: We had a number of excellent entries in Textile Arts in 2021 (and already in 2022, even though submissions have barely begun). Check them out under the Past Shows menu.

Hope to hear from you soon – Deadline approaches!

Dave and Peggy

Meet our 2021 Jury Panel

Here are our Jurists for NJAS2021

Janet Read is a painter, musician, and poet, whose childhood was spent near the shores of Lake Simcoe. The artist has sought the water’s edge ever since. Her roots go back to the Ottawa Valley Irish, Belfast, and county Wexford in Ireland. Perhaps this explains a fondness for fiddle music, poetry and the sea.

Residencies in Newfoundland and Ireland, and travels in Norway, Iceland, and Scotland have allowed her access to the sea, leading to a lifetime’s investigation of water as a metaphor for strength and fragility. Recent travels in the high Arctic prompted an ongoing body of work, High Arctic Light exhibited at the Propeller Art Gallery and virtually at the Heliconian Club of Toronto.

Exhibitions include commercial and public galleries, including the Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, with a catalogue, the Art Gallery of Peterborough, and the Frederick Horsman Varley Gallery in Unionville. Paintings can be found in public and private collections and internationally in Australia, England and the US.

Janice LeBlanc is a Simcoe Region based artist, Art Therapist and educator.  Janice holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) and Bachelor of Education from York University (1986), as well as a Masters Diploma in Art Therapy (2001).  She is now a retired secondary school educator, having taught Visual Arts for over 30 years.  Janice has been practicing Art Therapy in various organizations for over 20 years and is currently in private practice. Through many ongoing workshops and courses, Janice has explored a variety of art media including acrylic painting, mixed media, encaustic painting, pottery, jewellery making and printmaking. Art exhibitions include a solo show in Barrie and participation in group shows in Creemore Ontario.  She continues to enjoy taking art workshops both locally and internationally and creates pieces that integrate many media and varied perspectives. 

Ontario Media Attention!

The newmarket juried Art Show has had some good coverage from local newspapers and radio.

On April 5, our show was covered in Newmarket Today. This was prompted by our media release, and had the headline: Ontario artists share their pandemic creations in Newmarket juried mini show. The cover image was from the Show, and is by Nicholas Keehn.

A few days later, one of “our” artists, Marlene Bulas was covered in Orillia Matters, which is affiliated with Newmarket Today. This story has Marlene as a focus, since she is an Orillia Artist, and features her image from this show. You can read the story by clicking here.

Marlene was also interviewed on CBC Ontario Morning to talk about her Covid Winter, her art and our Show! You can listen to it by clicking here
Start just before the 11 minute mark.

Big News – Hoping for Gallery Opening

April 10 – We are booked in for a two-week show at the Serpa Galleries in Newmarket’s Old Town Hall. Our show will start September 18 and run to October 2, assuming the pandemic numbers are down enough to allow the Town to open the facility.

This will have an effect on our fees, of course, as our expenses will be higher than they were last year. You may recall that last year, for the virtual show, we dropped out fees by over 40%; we actually ran a bit into the red.

We put the question to our followers on Instagram – charge full fee and offer refunds if the show can’t go “live”, or charge the online-only fee and ask for more if it can go “live”. There haven’t been many answers yet, but most (all but one, atm) suggest the former, so we will update the entry page soon.

In either case, we will continue to waive the fee for artists who have been hit hard financially by the pandemic.

So, continue to hope, and to interpret these times through your art (or the arts that keep you going day-to-day). Share and enjoy! Think Globally, Art Locally!

“See you in September”

Winter Mini – My Covid Winter Results

Sunday, March 21: Dave and Peggy thank the artists, who sent us a total of 75 pieces of work. Jurist Brendon McNaughton set up a Google Meet with Peggy & Dave this afternoon, and we made some hard decisions…

Here are the artists and the works that the jury selected. The gallery will be ready in a day or so.

ArtistTitle of Work
Aedaa Al-SammarraieWater Lillies
Amber LiniStreams of paradise
Cheryl UhrigHearty Pine
Cheryl UhrigHarvest Moon
Christine Chin-FookHero Warrior
Christine StewartWinter Wander
Christine StewartIn the Flow
David KemptonND Covid Safe Space
Denise LiniDown the Back Roads
Denise LiniNot for the Faint of Heart
Donna GreensteinCalm Before The Storm – Laughing Gull
Elayne WindsorSplit Celeste
Gordon ReidtSmooth Landing
Helen AgalawatteWetlands Walk in Winter
Ilja Hup-WarmelsNew Horizons
Josee SavariaDans l’attente de jours meilleurs
Josee SavariaPolka Dot
Karen L BowenBe Still My Heart
Karen L BowenNo Neighbours
Kate GreenwayMy Covid Visitors
Kate GreenwayMemories of Beaches
Kirsty NarayMidsummer Night’s Dream
Lana SoosarTiger Swallowtail
Laura HigginsBeauty in the Shadows and the Light
Lis SimpsonExuberance
Liz LaskySnowed in.
Liz LaskyWinter field
Lorraine MoonThe Hide-a-Way
Lorraine MoonWinter’s First Kiss
Mark Puigmartiemertxe-nu
Marlene BulasThe Family Creek
MaryLou HurleyLocked Down Mermaid
MaryLou HurleyMarbella
Nicholas KeehnThe Melting Top
Paul WilliamsGREEN LADY
Peter LauricellaTwo Sided Charcuterie Board
Rani SatputePeace reflects…
Rani SatputeWalking through the memory lane
Rosie ShermanBetween the Clouds
Rosie ShermanHome Decor
Sera MohammedButterflies
Sheila RomardTethered
shoshana lockdark winter
Stella CapognaNew Wave
Stuart BlowerComplicated
Stuart BlowerCOVID Face
Teresa DunlopEmbracing Solitude
Xiao Wen XuOcean Blues
Zahra Nasrinthe Rose

Congratulations to all those who will be in the show. Whether you are in or not, we hope that you will help us by spreading the word about the show, and encouraging sales. Remember – NJAS takes no commission, so all sales go to the artist.

Newmarket Juried Art Show