What social media do you have?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NewmarketJuriedArtShow
Instagram is coming soon (late June) – look for @NewmarketJuriedArtShow
Hashtags: #njasart #regionalartshow #newmarketart #ontarioart #juriedartshow

Where can I send my work?

(Click here to submit your application. – Coming Spring 2020 for the 2020 Show)

Will I have to gallery-sit?

No. Because the gallery is a Town facility, the Gallery is staffed.

Will I have to be present for the installation / hanging?

No. Staff and volunteers will do the hanging, and it will be beautiful.

What is a juried art show?

In a juried art show, artists submit works which qualified jurists then select for inclusion in the exhibition. Jurists are generally senior artists with teaching, curatorial or gallery experience. They are usually not local, and so have no ties to local artists.

Why Newmarket?

Newmarket and area is home to a surprisingly lively and talented community of artists. (For example, see the Newmarket Group of Artists) This Juried Art Show will give Newmarket artists a showcase where their work can be seen alongside the work of artists from across Southern Ontario.

Will I be able to buy some of the artwork?

Yes. Most work is usually for sale at these shows, but artists will have the option of showing work that is not for sale.

What progress has been made to date?

The Serpa Gallery has been booked, the Town has partnered with us, the website exists, most award money has been donated, and Ontario artists and Arts Associations have been contacted. Artists have contacted us through this website (here), and a number have already applied (here). The Co-Directors have had tremendous advice and support from Richard Helms, director of the Uxbridge Juried Art Show, and from Newmarket’s culture Department staff.

How is the judging done, and how are the awards allocated?

Judging is based on digital images sent by the artists, and an initial allocation of awards is decided from those images, too. We hope to finalize the awards based on the actual work, once it has been delivered.

Special FAQ for photographers: Do I send a photo of my framed photo?

No – just send the image jpeg straight from your computer. As a photographer, I often enter images to shows before making a final print. Who has the space to store framed pictures, right?