2020 Show

The second annual Newmarket Juried Art Show began Wednesday October 7th, 2020. The images and awards were selected by our jury panel. You can meet our Jury Panel here.


Please have a look at the 2020 Gallery. Click Here The images no longer link to artist bios.


You are still able to view the Online Opening Gala, which was held on Oct 15, 2020. There were welcoming remarks and the award announcements, plus some music created for our show. You can click here to see it. There is additional original music by Sibernie here.

ArtGateVR also hosted an international Reception in 3D. The ArtGareVR show took two rooms, and there is a video tour with commentary for each: Room 1 Room 2

Here is the 2020 Financial Statement.

Newmarket Juried Art Show