2023 NJAS Application

NOTE: We are a SPRING SHOW now! We have booked to hold our show "live" in the Old Town Hall for 2 weeks in April.. Of course, that depends on the best health guidelines available at the time, so we are also planning in case we have to be online-only, as we were in 2020 & 2021. These guidelines will be largely the same for either case. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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If the pandemic has hit you hard financially and the entry fee is difficult for you, we can waive your fee.

WHO – The NJAS is open to all artists living and working in Southern Ontario.

    • Your original work
    • Up to three pieces
    • No copies, no kits or patterns, nothing created under instruction
    • No AI-generated content
    • Pretty much any media except video and jewellery
    • No limits on age of work
    • Your entry gives the Newmarket Juried Art Show the right to show accepted works for publicity, educational and reference purposes.
    • Two or three images per work (under review as of Dec 2022)
    • JPG, JPEG, PNG only
    • Try for 2000 pixels or more on long side, but don’t worry about it unless you have…
    • Bandwidth limitations (data plan, rural internet, etc) – contact us for solutions
    • If there are quality issues we will work with you to improve, if we can
  • FEES
    • $40 Jurying Fee, not refundable, covers all work entered
    • No other fees
    • We will waive the entry fee for artists who have been hit hard financially by the pandemic. Honour system – we won’t ask.
    • There will be partial refunds if the venue is unable to open
    • Cash, cheque and e-transfer are best for us; PayPal is also available
    • Receipts, not for tax purposes, are issued after the show
    • Work may be for sale, but does not have to be
    • NJAS takes no commission. The Gallery may take a small commission, in the range of 3% to 5%, or a flat amount of a couple of dollars to cover their costs in handling the sale.
    • Due Date: 5 p.m. Saturday, March 25, 2023
    • Dropoff: Sunday April 16, 11 am to 3 pm
    • Show: April 18 to April 30 at the Gallery; much longer online
    • Reception: April 20, 7 to 9:30 pm, live in the OTH
    • Pickup: Sunday April 30, 11 am to 3 pm
    • Hybrid, live and/or online
    • Three jurists, usually. In the past we have had gallerists, curators, past presidents of OSA and practicing art instructors
    • The Jury’s decision is final
    • Results will be communicated as soon as possible after the submission deadline, usually within two weeks.
    • We are on Instagram and Facebook as @NewmarketJuriedArtShow
    • We feature our artists on Instagram every day or two after the Reception
    • We have had Virtual Reality shows with ArtGateVR a few times
    • Our online shows are pretty nice, too, we think :^)>

How to enter and pay

  1. Artist information and images are submitted on this webpage only. Our Privacy Policy is available here, too.
  2. To start the submission, you will give the artist name & contact information.
  3. After that, you will give the information and images for up to three pieces of work. For each artwork you submit, include title, dimensions of work in inches, medium, sale price (or NFS), insurance value and a brief artist’s statement about the piece.
  4. Up to three pieces may be submitted for consideration by the jury, with up to 3 images for each work. JPEG and PNG images only are accepted, and will be viewed on a high-resolution monitor.
  5. To make your life easier, re-size and rename your files before starting to fill in your application.
  6. Large image files with lots of definition will look best to the jury panel. On 3D works the 2nd and 3rd images can be used for different views. On 2D work, such as a painting, you can submit an overall photo as well as one or two shots of interesting detail in the work.
  7. NOTE: In some cases you will want to make your image somewhat smaller, especially if your email service or data plan sets a limit. If this is a problem, please contact us early to discuss solutions. For example, if you are taking photos from your phone you can find compression apps like LitPhoto (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.coffee.litphoto&gl=US) Be sure to look carefully at the result to make sure your work still looks good.
  8. File Naming (This is important): Use only alphanumeric characters in your file names. It is helpful, but not required, if the file name matches the title. If you do not know how to change a file name, don’t worry.
  9. Payment options are on the online entry form: PayPal, e-transfer or cheque. Cheques have to arrive by the deadline. PayPal takes a percentage of your payment for itself.

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(Has to be Ontario)
(e.g. SOYRA, OSA)
Optional: You may list your Instagram, plus up to two other ways for potential buyers to contact you - e.g. your email & website.
We use Instagram for a lot of publicity and to feature artists
Optional - In case we need to contact you during the Show
We will waive the entry fee for artists who have experienced financial hardship during the pandemic. Honour system.
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