COVID-19 & practical creativity

Has your ability to get what you need for your creativity been affected by Covid-19?

Many of us have, at some point in the past few months, been unable or unwilling to head out to get the supplies we need. Even as a photographer, I have had to wait to get ink for my printer, as my store was closed, and my printer’s manufacturer was unable to get supplies.
Have the costs of your supplies gone up, possibly due to Covid-induced shortages? A jeweler here in Newmarket got a shock when she saw the higher price of the silver she uses to make her pieces.

For some of us, the emotional stress has sapped the inner resources we need to be creative. creativity. For others, Covid-19 has spurred new creativity of its own.

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  1. The moment the lockdown started in mid-March, fear started to take hold. Yet it wasn’t because of the pandemic; it was fear of something more catastrophic and permanent. My freelance writing work was also put on hold. I had to figure out a way to psychologically deal with the drastic measures taken at that time, and with what I sensed would be more restrictions on our freedoms in the months and years to come.

    April was particularly rough as I realized that mankind was about to lose something fundamental in our nature. What makes us human is being destroyed: our nations, our history, our cultures, our traditions, our ability to trust our wisdom and instincts, our relationships, human contact, freedom of movement, and much more. Time might well be running out for us to live honestly and exist with purpose and meaning. So I thought…why not put some beauty out into the world to balance out the destruction and despair.

    When a friend gave me a bouquet of tulips in April, my camera and I spent hours getting to know their secrets and “personalities”. Then I married the photos to a short music composition. I called the video Beauty Reaches Out, and the music “Losing April”. I hope it brings you some tranquility —

    I plan to create more videos as visual and musical inspiration merge. It’s all a grand creative adventure because hey, in the current state of our planet, anything is possible.

  2. Covid has not directly affected my work but it did have an influence.
    We have a cabin in a remote part of the province and in the middle of a provincial park.
    In May, given the already occurring and impending isolation and because we couldn’t travel, I decided to focus on my “backyard”. I began taking photographs of natural changes that were occurring throughout the season (May to October). My emphasis was not on the quality of the photograph (I used an iPhone) but on capturing progression. I’m half way through the season and I have, for example, photos of a blueberry blossom with a nectar-collecting bee, another of green blueberries and a third of ripe blueberries.
    In the process I’ve learned and noticed (previously unnoticed) a ton about nature in my backyard.
    My final goal is a timeline poster, likely one meter by 2 meters.

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