Textile Art? Fibre Art? Material? Fabric?

(June 2022 update)

Pretty much forever, the world was told: “Women can’t paint.” Or “Shouldn’t”. Or some other excuse to keep them on the model’s side of the room.

Of course, with lots of hard work and pushing back by female artists and feminists, barriers fell, and women are fully accepted as artists and even leaders in all media.

Or are they?

Even now, I believe, some media are seen as secondary, lesser, not quite art.

As “women’s art”.

Take fiber arts, fabric arts, textiles, for example.

It’s a rare thing for a gallery or museum to dedicate a showing to a fiber artist, and I have long thought that that is due to textile making being seen as a female means of expression, decorative, suited only for utility in the home. “The artificial divide between fine art and textiles is a gendered issue” according to Amber Butchart, writing for Frieze.com (14 Nov 2018)

I’m not saying that textile work such as weaving, dying and quilting, isn’t currently predominantly done by women. I’m saying that it doesn’t matter: these forms are (or can be) art, just as much as paint on canvas is (or can be) art.

As fiber artist Georgianne Holland says in their blog post: “…I can stand with some of my favorite artists who broke free of traditional and perhaps limiting art world boxes and now represent innovation in the fiber and textile arts…” (Wednesday, June 25, 2014)

As Co-Directors of the Newmarket Juried Art Show, we celebrate the reclamation of the textile arts by women who put their work out in the world as art. From our beginnings in 2019, we have backed that celebration by offering a Medium Award for Textile Arts.

Hope to hear from you soon – August 15, 2022 Deadline approaches!

Dave and Peggy

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  1. YES! – This Blog post on your News feed – July 12th 2022 – titled: “Textile Art? Fibre Art? Material? Fabric?” succinctly captures the essence of the fibre artist’s plight as we work to make our way in the fine art world. Although we’re definitely not there yet, huge positive changes have come about since I first began my fine art (fibre art) career 25 years ago. Although it’s an uphill, feminist battle, fibre artists get to work in a medium with limitless, potential for innovation. THANK YOU for recognizing the value of fibre art and giving it the prestige of an award in your Annual Juried Show! And thank you for helping to raise awareness of the validity of this artform.

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