Age Limit?

Should there be an age limit for an art show? No – I don’t mean for the artists, or for who can come to see the art. I mean for the art itself. Most juried art shows require work to be no more than 2 or 3 years old.

I get it – we all want to see what an artist has been up to recently, and we don’t necessarily want to see the same piece over and over again. But I have a number of pieces that have never shown and now are too old to qualify. Mainly that’s because I don’t apply to that many shows, but I would like to be able to try some of them, old as they are.

I think we’ll be trying a blend of these ideas. Perhaps there will be no age limit, but ask artists not to submit works that have shown locally (northern York Region?) before.

As I say – stay tuned! And leave your opinion – you can comment on any post be clicking its title.

Show Themes?

We’ve been talking over whether or not to have a theme for the show. Not all shows have a theme, probably most don’t. But I* have found that having a theme focuses my thoughts, spurs new work and even brings a new understanding of older work. Since this is the first annual Newmarket Juried Art Show, we’re thinking of a theme having to do with newness – new media or techniques, new work, older work that hasn’t shown, new ideas (or old ones that need to go to make way for new ones)…

Starting next year (2020) we hope to be in sync with Culture Days, and will be borrowing their theme each year.

Stay tuned. Early days, and much still up in the air.

You can leave your opinion – comment on any post be clicking its title.

*David Kempton, Co-Director