NJAS Winter Mini Show

Here are the comments we have received for the winter Mini Show – My Covid Winter. Please add your own comment. If you meant to see the show, click here.

12 Replies to “NJAS Winter Mini Show”

  1. Thank you for this opportunity to show these sketches in clay. I had left them for the last 10 months…so much has happened and nothing has happened. It was good to go back and reconsider this work.

  2. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this show. The past several months have been very trying and I have had lots of time to dream and develop new ideas and new product ideas. My friend Lis Simpson suggested I check out this show and I appreciate the chance to display here. The two activities I most enjoy are teaching and woodworking. While I have had an abundance of woodworking time, my teaching time has shrunk significantly and I feel a little “out of balance”.
    Thanks for the opportunity to be part of your show.

  3. Thank you so much for this opportunity! Making art has helped me get through a lot of things in life, and this covid time has allowed me to really experiment and build on my own style. So exited to be able to be a part of this!

  4. How creativity emerges and takes a turn in this stressful Covid and drastic winter adding to it.. it made me try Impressionism in my paintings and enough time to focus on painting skills. Hopefully this time Juror will take time to look at watercolours which was neglected previously.

    1. Thanks, Rani. I can assure you that our jurists have no bias toward or away from any medium. They are very professional, and take the time to look at every image. Our jury session takes hours, and even before that the jurists look the images over on their own time. The simple fact is that we got very few watercolours in 2019 and 2020.

  5. I always find it challenging and exciting to work in a new medium. This time of “staying at home” gave me the space to “play” and explore acrylic pour painting, the results of which were totally different from my comfort zone of working with glass. So many lessons of what works and what doesn’t . Then my muse spoke and invited me to find ways to add glass! Creativity emerges anew during a potentially stressful time, for sure!

    1. Thanks, Lis. I often think of art as exploring ways to get out of little boxes, or to have fun in them. The pandemic has certainly kept us in the little boxes that are our homes, so it’s nice to hear that this is resulting in new explorations and growth!

  6. Thank you for organizing the show! Great fun and great idea to help with the covid blues! πŸ’šπŸ’š

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