Bret Culp

Jack’s Video Sports Bar, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, 2015

Title: Jack’s Video Sports Bar, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, 2015 – Best Photography Award
Medium: Black and White Chromaluxe HD Metal Print
Statement: Deindustrialization has led to widespread social and economic change, as illustrated in this photograph. The remains of Jack’s ornate sign and building architecture remind us that this fallen neighbourhood was once vibrant and alive. It’s fascinating, if not bittersweet, to imagine past times here. Now a single set of footsteps seen in a dusting of snow pass by without stopping, in juxtaposition to the East Cleveland Railroad Power House (visible in the background) and other local factory workers that would have once met here after a hard day of making and fixing things. The top of the modern Key Tower skyscraper shines like a beacon against sympathetic skies in the far distance,  contrasting where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re heading.
Edition 1/10
Dimensions: 36×24″
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Bret Culp
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