Web gallery is ready

The online version of the 2023 Show is ready, and will be published Monday, May 1.

Check out the galleries from past shows and you will see that we are really full-service! Each artist gets a full page, linked in from the thumbnail gallery, and featuring a full-size image of their work, details and statement about the work, and contact info (linked if applicable).

The pages are based on templates we have developed ourselves, so the entire show has a consistent, professional look and feel. Each page takes from 5 to 10 minutes of work, not counting the time to arrange the spreadsheet the data is pulled from, so it represents a few hours of (volunteer) time.

We think it’s worth it, and hope you do too.

By the way – we work in WordPress. We have been documenting our processes, as we hope to be able to pass some aspects of the organizing and running of the show on to a younger crew. We’re in our 70s, so pretty much everyone is younger :^)>

To that end, I have added a selection to the contact form so you can volunteer.

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