Big News – Hoping for Gallery Opening

April 10 – We are booked in for a two-week show at the Serpa Galleries in Newmarket’s Old Town Hall. Our show will start September 18 and run to October 2, assuming the pandemic numbers are down enough to allow the Town to open the facility.

This will have an effect on our fees, of course, as our expenses will be higher than they were last year. You may recall that last year, for the virtual show, we dropped out fees by over 40%; we actually ran a bit into the red.

We put the question to our followers on Instagram – charge full fee and offer refunds if the show can’t go “live”, or charge the online-only fee and ask for more if it can go “live”. There haven’t been many answers yet, but most (all but one, atm) suggest the former, so we will update the entry page soon.

In either case, we will continue to waive the fee for artists who have been hit hard financially by the pandemic.

So, continue to hope, and to interpret these times through your art (or the arts that keep you going day-to-day). Share and enjoy! Think Globally, Art Locally!

“See you in September”

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