2019 Show Accolades

After the Show, we got many very nice emails. Here’s a sample:

I just wanted to email you and let you know how honoured I feel to have received the award for the best in painting category.  I was approached by many people during the opening ceremony on Wednesday night who offered compliments and words of appreciation. I met with Tom Vegh, the deputy mayor or Newmarket, and felt very much encouraged and supported. As an artist, it’s nice to be acknowledged and I truly appreciate the boost of motivation. The gallery looked spectacular and I am so proud to have been selected as one of the artists. Both of my children and my husband are very proud of me. Once again, thank you both so much for the wonderful opportunity. Anita N

It was fun taking part in the show and a thrill and honor to win this award. You two deserve an award for organizing, planning and making the show a reality. I’m sure all who took part and those who attended the Opening are really thrilled to have this juried show in Newmarket including the Mayor and Council. Another great cultural event. Dave S

The gallery space is beautiful and it was a nicely done reception for the show! All around, a classy event! Congratulations to you and the curator on this first and very successful exhibit! I look forward to submitting again for next year’s NJAS. And will try to convince a few of my colleagues to do so as well. Natalia S

My congratulations on a wonderful first event. You had a lovely opening.  It was certainly an interesting diverse show. I was pleased to be a part of it. Cathy G

Thank you both for your hard work. I appreciated the opportunity to display my art in your beautiful town. Kathleen P

It was a lovely show! Thank you again for the opportunity! Caitlin S

Thank you to you and Peggy for a job well done!  All your hard work certainly paid off.  The Exhibition was beautifully displayed and the work was amazing!  Cathy H

I really appreciate the efforts by you and Peggy to set up this exhibition, and am grateful for the opportunity to show my art there. Fariba K

Thank you David and Peggy for all your hard work putting this show together. I really appreciated that your show was so well organized and had so many details that were great for artists, like the show insuring items instead of the artist, no commission on sales, and the way you made it easy for artists to help promote on social media in a unified, coherent way. And having parking nearby! All the best for the next show and just wanted to let you know you are appreciated. Tanya P

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